Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Toad Eggs at the farm

Greetings from the farm in the first week of June! Temperatures are up and we got a great drenching rain on Sunday, courtesy of Tropical Storm Barry. There are little puddles of water around, but no deep gulleys. Thank goodness for the dinosaur footprint sized pools: Kathleen brought a container of toad eggs from Virginia Beach Friends School today and poured them into one such puddle.
After noticing the strand of eggs at school, Kathleen asked Teacher Denise in Middle School if we could have some for the farm. Toads are great bug eaters, you know. Denise gave Kathleen a plastic pretzel barrel to transport the babies home.
We'll be watching to see what transpires. Did the eggs survive the trip in the pretzel jar and the ride in the Prius ? Will the tadpoles be swimming in the next few days?

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