Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Saturday on the farm

Hi, y'all,

How about a period of weather in mid-June with low temps in the 60's and highs in the 70's?
It makes for a beautiful morning picking produce, welcoming CSA members and in general,creates the feeling that all is right with the world.
We are still delighted when members bring children and dogs to the farm. Sam, Lee Ellen Knight's son, and his friend Max came today and went right to the young chickens for their visitation and human-orientation class. Ella Earp brought Farmer John a golden dot to put on his head. Scott Van Gilder's Portuguese Water Dog, Fletcher, brought smiles and joy, and Dee Murdoch's dachsund, Sasha, was on alert for larger mammals and walked on the leash, longing for a run. Barbara Gardner's granddaughter , Deja, was introduced to the glory of squash bloosoms. Chris Birdsong brought godson Jager and his dad, Les for a walk around the gardens.

Living on the farm, one can become complacent at times, feeling that this is a place of work for John, Craig, Jonathan and our wonderful volunteers- including New Orleans visitor Aurin , Skye's friend. Yet, on Saturday mornings, when the farm becomes a well loved destination, where children and dogs romp and the wonders of nature become enchantments, I remember that at least one creation story started in a Garden. I realize that the folks who come to visit get to breathe the fresh farm air, walk among the growing things and feel thankful that somebody has a farm where some of their food starts. Thank you all!

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