Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Folks at the Farm (Week 2)

May 26,2007

Another beautiful CSA morning. We welcomed a few new folks, like Catherine and Dave Earp and their three sweet girls. Above, Teacher Toni Mae Thurow from Friends School shares one of our sweet hens with the Earp family. Toni Mae was raised on a farm in Kansas and comes to the farm often for her " chicken therapy". She loves our girls!

Tanya Banks's son Merrick uses last year's dried broom corn to clean up the CSA Welcome Space.
We still don't have an actual name for this part of the farm. Any Ideas?

Norfolk Member Ann Redding brought her South Korean exchange student, Jue Young Lee for a farm visit. We chatted about Kim Chee and Bee Bim Bop, a favorite dish in Korean households- translated as Mix-Mix Rice. Each person has a bowl of rice at the table and then mixes it up with egg, vegetables, etc. Stir like crazy!

More photos can be found on the web site

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