Friday, May 25, 2007

Water is flowing fine..

Hi y'all,

We very nearly had a problem this afternoon. After several days of planting out many crops, our water shut down. Phht. No watering, no flushing.

The good guys from Guildersleeve Geo-Thermal got here at 2:30 p.m. and had to dig down to the well and make some adjustments. By 5 p.m., John was watering the lettuces in the " kitchen garden" close to the house, and made it out to the greenhouse to water all the young plants there.

In the meantime, we pondered about what the CSA produce would be like -going home without a shower- goodness! As for ourselves, I filled up a couple of buckets to flush the toilet, watered my geraniums and didn't worry at all.

I sure did have some thoughts about folks who have to walk up and down mountainsides to get water, in so many countries in the world. I know that we were very lucky to be able to a) call for help and b) pay a professional to do the job.
Yes, water is an important resource!

See ya'll tomorrow

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