Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How's it going with the Greens?

Hi, Friends of the farm

There's been a little buzz about greens the past few days. Some of our CSA members are already finished with their lettuce, tatsoi, spinach and kale, while others are trying to figure out what to do with all of it.

I hope you take the advice in the newsletter about adding chopped greens to vegetable soup, scrambled eggs, mixing them into hamburgers and even mashed potatoes! Greens don't need to be served in a lump on the side of a plate. They enliven many meals.

Tonight a few of us ate dinner at Pasha, a wonderful Turkish restaurant on the corner of Military Highway and Greenbrier Parkway. They served us a shredded kale salad that was drenched in fresh lemon juice and mixed with grated carrots. Delicious! I think the kale was partially steamed, but definitely not limp.

Give greens a chance! Let's hear from some others about what you did with your greens!


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