Saturday, June 7, 2008


If anyone has any ideas for what to do with kale, they would be greatly appreciated. Post them in the comments! Has anyone ever tried roasting kale?


  1. From Patrick and Margaret (though they don't claim to actually have made this recipe!)

    Kale Banana Smoothie:

    Put 1 banana, 2 cups chopped kale, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1-2 tbsp flaxseeds (optional) and 1/2 cup brown rice milk into a blender and blend! (I like to add a few ice cubes for summertime refreshment).

    It will take a few minutes for everything to puree so be patient. It ends up being a lovely vibrant green colour - very fresh and uplifting!

  2. Hi, Kale Lovers,

    Last week, James Reed told us that they tried roasted kale and loved it! Great Idea!

    The darker kale is a bit tougher in the summer time- so if you do saute it, give it a little more time than the curly cousin.

    Kathleen Fogarty