Thursday, June 19, 2008

The CSA and the Next Generation

Tristan wants to drive this tractor NOW!Melissa, Farmer John and Nick

As John and I prepare to take a short trip for a family wedding in St. Louis, we are leaving the CSA in the hands of a great young crew. And I have no doubts that they will do just fine.

This week we have had a wonderful opportunity to see the dynamic abilities of the new farm staff here. We are luck to have with us a young couple, Nick ( age21) and Melissa( age19) who have great attitudes and work habits( you may have seen them at the Leaping Lizard or the Bayville farms vegetable market), plus a recent transplant, Chris Towne, who has not one but two great -great-great-women in the past who were tried as witches in New England. Chris brings a great energy and this week, he brought his lovely dog, 8 year old Boston bull terrier "BO".

We also hired a young farmer-in-training, 10 year old Daniel Greenspan, who is featured in our newsletter. Daniel is learning how it feels to get dirty and have fun at work.He arrives early in the morning when it is cool, and this week, it has been absolutely lovely.
Teacher Sandy picks flowers while Daniel and farmer John work .

The Friends School Bird Camp came for a short field trip this week as well. And our 6 brave hens- the survivors of numerous fox attacks this winter and spring- are delighted with the new hay in their nesting boxes. We love to share the farm with small groups of children.

Perhaps, one of them may work with us in a few years!

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