Saturday, August 4, 2007

High Summer- Great Produce

Okay now. The daily temps are rising and the produce continues to roll in! John soaks several shirts a day and everyone who works has to hydrate regularly.
This is the time of year when having a volunteer or two or three makes it possible to get farm chores done. Thanks today for Kristen, Ted, and Rich who helped weed the sweet potatoes - completely! John, Craig and Jonathan carried on till 2 p.m., and John continues to make compost with the heaps of ingredients that have gathered beside the barn.

Thanks to all of the CSA members who are bringing positive comments and ideas for using the produce! We had some lovely visits with members this morning, including Daphna Sonenthal, who shared that the CSA membership has enabled her and her children to have deeper experiences of cooking and planning meals! Lori Barnhill offered great words about our eggs, veggies and recipes. We both loved the Thai Basil Cucumber dish.
Hope y'all are enjoying everything that the Farm team is providing!


  1. Thanks to Kathleen for preparing a wonderful breakfast of organic fruits and yogurt. The fresh blueberry cornbread revived this hungary helper. Cahil confused me with some "tense" conversation on one of Socrates' dictums and also made me laugh with tales of the nation founder, Steven Colbert. Ted inspired me to travel to Nicaragua. Craig showed me no less than five brilliantly colored insects while we were weeding the sweet potato patch. Johnathan showed me a cool looking castor bean plant and told me the unprepared beans are poisonous. And I appreciate Kristen's helping hands and I was glad to find out that she loves her mother. See ya'll next week! Rich

  2. I had a great time on my first day of volunteering at New Earth Farm.. The drive there at 5:30 in the morning was by far the best drive I’ve had on the Hampton Roads interstate system and once I arrived at the farm the day got even better. I loved the high level of conversation during breakfast (even though I didn’t participate much). It reminded me of round table discussions during school or conversations I have with my parents. They differed a lot from the level of dialogue I experience at work. This morning it revolved around what type of cheese to get for the kitchen and that show where the Spice Girl is living in America. Harvesting and weeding were great as well. I also enjoyed learning about edible 'weeds' and the quality vegetables even inspired me to go home and try a beet soup recipe that I’ve been procrastinating over. I’ll include it below as it came out yummy (it is also a shocking fuchsia color which adds a nice color to the dinner table). I would advise the use of a blender when it calls for one instead of trying a food processor because you think it will “fit better” in one. Food processors it turns out (at least my food processor) are not to be used with liquids as the contents squirt out the side of the machine at a very high velocity. Beets are not a good thing to discover this with as they make not only a mess, but a bloody-looking mess. It was great to finally find people locally that I could talk to about sustainable agriculture and not be thought of as odd. I look forward to Next Saturday.

    Beet Soup (Recipe from the Boot Restaurant)

    3 lbs beets
    2 C Heavy Cream
    2 oz Horesradish, grated
    Salt and Pepper

    Wash and trim beets. Put in pot with water to cover and boil 45 min or until very tender. Strain and reserve liquid. Allow to cool then peel and roughtly chop. Place in blender with reserved liquid and puree until smooth. Put puree and cream in pot and simmer while stirring. Season with S&P and garnish with horseradish.