Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greens, Greens and more Greens!

Hi, fresh and local organic food lovers,

Here it is, the beginning of June, and though I'd love a big , red, juicy tomato and a cucumber, our fields are dancing with greens: Collards, Kales, Lettuces and Swiss Chard, to be precise.

As I assemble another newsletter for the CSA, I am learning that Greens of all kinds supply so many wonderful vitamins and nutrients- there's no need to worry about the veggies of the hot summer- they will arrive in due time. It is the time to love the greens, clean them,chop them, steam and saute them, put them in a stir fry with some onions and tofu, mix them into a fritatta, slice them thin and pile them on a pizza, swish them in minestrone soup. Yes, delight in the greens while we have them- and this farm's green production is such a treat- after a long winter and a rainy spring!

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