Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The beautiful month of May

Hello, CSA friends,

As I look out my window over the farm, the greens are brilliant- nearly as lovely as Ireland's landscape- well, not quite like that! The kale, collards, lettuces, and all are ready to be part of your life and a fourth season of CSA is beginning on Saturday.

New folks: welcome to the adventure! Regulars: We'll be ready to see you. Remember, please call if you want to volunteer on Saturdays- the temptation of the farm breakfast brings lots of people over early- so if you want to help with harvesting and washing veggies, Call ahead and get on our list.

We expect the greens to take center stage at this time of the year- you'll just have to wait for zucchini and tomatoes! Call ahead as well if you want eggs.

Our chickens are growing. And one of our laying hens, Eileen is featured in a commercial for Gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe. See it at John does a great job as the straight man/handsome farmer!

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