Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Happening on the White House lawn!

After a week of rain here on the farm, and watching John wade through the ditches to get to the chickens and collect the eggs, we decided not to have our Potato Planting party this weekend. It's just too muddy- and would be a sad, rough way to introduce folks to the joy of planting.
But in Washington D.C., Michelle Obama and friends will be planting the first food garden on the White House lawn since Eleanor Roosevelt had a Victory garden in the forties. It will be pretty big- 1,100 square feet, with 55 varieties of plants coming from organic seedlings started in greenhouses on the property.
I am over the moon with joy about this. Not only, is our First Lady making a choice for her own family- with a couple of pizza eating girls whose pediatrician urged her to adjust their nutrition-but she's getting help from the fifth graders at a public school in the district- and the Prez himself! What a great example she is setting for the rest of us.
So, once the ground dries a little, we'll get out there and plant the potatoes. And it will be great fun, and we'll be so happy a couple of months later on when we dig up our " precious" tubers.
For more info on the White House organic garden see:

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