Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late Fall on the farm and Edible Chesaopeake magazine

It's nearly Halloween on the farm. Nick, Melissa, Chris and John are digging up sweet potatoes today and the temps are in the low fifties. The chickens have grown and it turns out we have one young rooster- we're calling him "Adam" ( first man?) and his crow is still developing. He sounds like a rooster with a speech impediment at the moment, more a " ur-uh-urrrr" instead of the true " cock-a doodle-doo".

John is still distributing produce at The Heritage, Virginia Garden and the Norfolk Farm Market. The lettuce is amazing and the greens are gorgeous, collards and kale are ready to pick and eat.

This fall, I still mean to put together a CSA survey to distribute to our members online. Members- look for it in the next week or so.
I've been spending more of my time writing than ever before, now from my upstairs office, where I have a beautiful view of the farm. It's a dream come true!

Speaking of dreams coming true, I have will have two articles in the winter edition of Edible Chesapeake magazine, produced up in the DC area. One is a short piece about Croc's Bistro-a little place with a big green heart- and another is a first person essay about being a farmer's wife. This is great news for me as a writer because Edible Chesapeake has a large distribution from Northern Virginia all the way to Tidewater! It's a beautiful magazine, with lush photography, great writing and delectible recipes, a great addition to the side tables and kitchens of our CSA members. We have a box of the fall edition here at the house if any CSA members want one. They are also available at Virginia Garden and The Boot and some other area locations.

Here's a photo I sent to the magazine. I'm usually the one who takes the pictures at the farm, but I stooped to shameless self-promotion just this once! The apron belonged to Margie Zentz, my daughter Skye's grandma.She was a great cook and a loving woman.

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