Monday, October 15, 2007

What's In Store for the CSA ?

Here we are at the end of the CSA season- yet the farm is still vibrant and green. Twenty-one weeks of growing, harvesting and packing boxes has ended. As the cooler fall evenings settle over the beds, our lettuces and kales are doing so well. You can find them at the Heritage Store and Virginia Garden at the VB Farmer's market. The battle with heat has subsided - yet we are still ready for a good rain!

Over the fall and winter, we'll be firming up our list of sharers for next year, receiving deposits and hopefully, forming our Core Group. These folks, members of the CSA, will help us set policies and guidelines for next year. They'll look over the end-of-season surveys that so many of you kindly completed.

For those of you who discover this web blog and are not members, we have a long waiting list and are not opening to new members at this time. We'll have to see how many of our 2007 members are returning and how many folks from the waiting list we can invite to join the farm.

In the meantime, think about growing some of your own fall or spring vegetables. Call us at 427-6515 and leave a message if you need some plants or soil amendments to get your garden started.

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