Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deep, Dark, Gorgeous Compost!

The people who KNOW about compost say that you should always have a bar of chocolate with you to see how good the compost is. In this case, I am holding a 67% organic cocoa bar next to a gorgeous pile of finished compost from Pennsylvania, delivered in a tractor trailer truck to the farm on March 23. John is selling this compost in larger dimensions for landscapers and gardeners- to folks like our new friend Heather Driscoll, one of the only landscapers in the area who had taken courses in organic landscaping and understands the Real from the Faux-green. Heather owns a company called Familycare Lawn and Landscape. She called us one day to find soil amendments because she decided that she was going to work with Organic Only products. Heather is the real deal. You can call her at 673-6981. Heather says she's working on a website which should be up soon :
Here are a few shots of the compost delivery. The driver left PA at 1 in the morning and arrived just after John fed the chickens. If you have the desire to get a bigger garden going this year, give us a call and we can give you the details on prices/yard of this stuff- plus John can show you all the data- this is certified, high quality stuff.